(ID:SO505) HR officer staff

10/09/2021 15:24 PM

(ID:SO505) HR officer staff


Bachelor Degree in Personnel management or related fields, Good command in English (Read, Write, Communication), Experience 2-3 years in related field, Nationality Thai.


  • Male or Female
  • 24-27 Years
  • 15,000 -17,000 Baht
  • Pathum Thani / Navanakorn Industrial Zone

Job Detail

1. Check the working hours of employees. From the fingerprint recorder
2. Record different types of leave of daily employees And stored in the Payroll system.
3. Operate on employee welfare such as life insurance, social security, provident funds. And cash assistance in matters
4. action on issues such as job training, liaison with external companies, site preparation, training, and other relevant.
5. Prepare and store documents related to employee information / training and other documents. The governor about
6. Summary record of the personal computer to date. And make monthly / annual reports.
7. Take care, notify and coordinate with the maintenance department. Regarding the notification of the Company's property repair That has been damaged.
8. Take care of the use of office equipment. and general administrative work (housekeeper / gardener / security guard)
9. Other tasks as assigned

Job Requirement

1. Graduated with a bachelor's degree Personnel management or related fields.
2. Age 24-27 years.
3. Can communicate in English.

Job Contact

Ms. Narisara 062-591-9544 / Hotline 02-147-0895