(ID:SO729) Chief Sales Engineer (Japaenese speaking )

30/11/2022 17:42 PM

(ID:SO729) Chief Sales Engineer (Japaenese speaking )


Bachelor degree or Dipoma in engineers or technicians /Have experience working as an supervisor/ Can speak Japanese/Nationality Thai.


  • Male
  • 35-45 Years
  • 40,000-45,000 บาท
  • Samut Prakan/Bangpoo Industrial Estate

Job Detail

- Supervise and control various tasks of the Sales Engineer (Service) department, such as sending employees out to repair customer delivery machines, controlling various work processes, presenting customer tasks (Kaizen at the job site, Solutions).
- Supervise the work of the Sales Engineer (Service) unit.
- Record about details of the agencies provided to these members Guide work orders for employees to follow.

Job Requirement

- Gender Male
- Bachelor degree or Dipoma in engineers or technicians
- Age 35-45 Years
- Have experience working as an supervisor
- Can speak Japanese



Job Contact

Hotline 02-147-0895