(ID:SO998) Senior Engineer (QA/QC)

27/05/2024 17:53 PM

(ID:SO998) Senior Engineer (QA/QC)

Factory Engineer

Bachelor's degree At least 3 year of experience, Thai nationality


  • Male
  • 24-35 Years
  • 25,000 total
  • Chachoengsao / Gateway Industrial Park

Job Detail

1. Improve measurement methods to be more accurate and reduce workpiece inspection time.
2. Co-check method for measuring workpieces with supplier/customer together with QA
3. Prepare and CF jig to increase efficiency in inspecting workpieces.
4. Prepare a measurement system analysis plan (MSA Plan).
5. Prepare and perform measurement system analysis (MSA).
6. Summary of weekly work monitoring results.
7. Check the CF jig, Part Master according to the Verify plan.
8. Support measurement of Full Layout / Special Request work.
9. Participate in supporting IATF 16949 Audit.
10. Participate in supporting ISO 14001 Audit.
11. Participate in 6 s activities
12. Do an analysis process risks/opportunities (turtle chart) accurately and completely

Job Requirement

- Engineering field / GPA.3.00 up
- Knowledge of quality system
- Knowledge of GD&T
- Knowledge of CMM
- Preparing and storing quality system documents
- Statistical process control (SPC,CPK)

Job Contact

Ms. Narisara 062-591-9544 / Hotline 02-147-0895